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Oh dear mercy, where to begin? With the sheer immediacy of the setting? The ability to flesh out a shadowy vague cult into something recognizable and foreign at the same time? the believability of the characters? It's all here, wrapped up with an intriguing plot to boot.

As prologues go, this story is what the Star Wars prequels wished they were. All the necessary clues are there to the absolute terror Miraak will become, and yet, we still root for the indomitable child dragged behind the cart and sympathize as he mourns the kindness torn from him by Alduin's treachery.

seriously waiting with baited breath for the rest of this story to emerge.

so, vision: well, skyrim and the other elder scrolls did lay some groundwork, but what she does with it is magnificent.

originality: holy handballs what she does with the bare bones ES gives her.

technique: haven't seen better.

impact: well? where's my sequel, dang it!
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